Long Term Care

We’re finding some people prefer some of the advantages of going the “hybrid” route for their long-term care coverage. I work with highly experienced professionals who understand the “Hybrid” market inside and out.

Our hybrid clients typically:

  • Want a guarantee there will be NO rate increases to their premium, ever.
  • Are very comfortable financially and are tempted to even just self-insure the risk, but realize having insurance in place may be prudent.
  • Are people who have $100-150K in an easy-access fund like money market, CD, etc. – as “rainy day” money.
  • Like to know they are going to use this insurance. With Hybrid, there’s a death benefit (life insurance) or the option to use the death benefit for long-term care costs instead. Hybrids work very similarly to “stand-alone” LTC products at claim time.
  • May have income tax sensitivity. Benefits are income tax free.
  • May have more serious health issues preventing the stand-alone companies from issuing them a policy. (We can often find a hybrid company may accept some health histories that are not acceptable by stand-alone companies.)

Other advantages of some Hybrid LTC products:

  • One of our carriers still offers UNLIMITED lifetime coverage for LTC
  • Though monies are re-allocated, it remains YOUR money under your control. So the money will be used either for long-term care costs, or for a death benefit (life insurance) or you can pull out your money later.

 A+ reputation with great service to her clients!  
- Kevin Johnson, Advisors Insurance

 Health and life insurance offered.  
- Kent Chidester, Jacken Insurance

 Angela really helped us through the Medicare process. She is very knowledgeable!  
- Denver Moore, Builder

 Angela looks out for her clients like family. When there is a change with good or bad, Angela calls and discusses the pros and cons concerning us then moves on to facilitate it.  
- Linda Hostetler, Our Little Rainbow, LLC

 Top of the line and professional company-we highly recommend Angela Harris. From our management team Sue Johnson. 
- Pixel Millions, Pixel Millions Online

 I highly recommend Angela Harris, The Insurance Lady, because she is a top-notch information specialist in the health and life insurance field. She has superior standards and takes the upmost care with each and every individual councils making things easy for the people who need her the most. Kudos, Angela Harris! Kudos!  
- Rhonda Isom, Help Me Rhonda, Inc. @ ABC Supply Co.